About Me

I am a business graduate and management professional with 17 years of experience working on international and national projects. Working on challenging projects and turning them into a success has been my passion so that took me to the places that were once considered most dangerous on earth such as Helmand province Afghanistan and FATA areas of Pakistan. I am proud that I was part of war against terror and my work was contributing to bringing peace and stability in the region.

My work has been taking me to different places and that is when I realized about my hidden passion of Travelling.  The more i traveled, the more I realized that travelling gives me energy to work hard and earn more so that I could afford to travel and see more amazing places. This is when I realized that I need to become travel blogger to tell my amazing stories to other people who have interest in travelling and travel blogs.

Entrepreneurship is something I am born with and that is why I have started exercising this on my job from the beginning. Taking risks and having the courage to face the consequences makes you a good entrepreneur and Alhamdulillah I was never shy of taking risks. While I was working, my inner entrepreneur kept me pushing to experiment in different startups, some of which went on to become an additional source of income while some left me with bundles of good lessons and empty pockets. But i guess, that is all about being entrepreneur where you keep your learning, experimenting and scaling up the successful startups as a never ending process.

I’ve been lucky to be part of an amazing organization and great teams who not only contributed in my professional growth but also inspired me to dream big and look beyond possibilities.

I created this space so that my endless digital circle and my digital content across different platforms needed a way to come together. The idea is to create a digital hub where all the things that I’ve been doing and want to do, can live. Through my blogs, I want to inspire others to become travel blogger which is still an area not fully covered by local bloggers.

I don’t want this place to be only about me but to also provide platform to amazing bloggers and content writers whose work and great ideas need to get to the online world.

I am inviting everyone who feel that his voice needs to be heard, to come in front and let’s work together to create magic.