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Written by Zahid Malik
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Pakistan e-commerce basically involves purchasing and selling products from different vendors via internet or telephone. E-trading in Pakistan has helped us in boosting our economy and also has made the online shopping experience more feasible. It can open up new business areas in the service sector, such as online education, medical services, consulting, and the exchange of data.

E-commerce was first introduced in Pakistan in 2001. Since Pakistan banned Paypal , e-commerce vendors had to rely on cash on delivery and other payment methods. There was no medium for online payment for a long time that was not favorable for the online vendors at all. Therefore, the instant need was filled by launching the feature the of mobile payments and integrating the service on various e-trading platforms. For instance, easypaisa was launched by Telenor in October 2009  through which customers could pay bills, transfer money domestically, internationally and can save money in their Easy Paisa Mobile Account.

The e-commerce industry in Pakistan has a lot of potential to emerge as a dominating business medium in future. Daraz laid the foundation of online shopping in Pakistan back in 2012, is currently dealing with international orders earning millions on daily basis.

After Daraz the e-commerce market witnessed many online trading platforms but none of them were as successful as Daraz, leaving it it to be the unbeaten giant in the e-commerce marketplace.

In all this e-commerce niche that has chances of good competition, a new webstore launched this October – Barq Online Shopping. is an online e-trading store that has have everything a potential customer needs. You name it, and you will have it. The online store promises to provide its customers best quality products and goods and at satisfying customer service. The delivery time is reasonable (3 to 7 days) and so are the prices of different products.

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Besides BarqMall, we have many other Pakistani online shopping stores that deal with the same categories as Daraz does. The top 10 e-stores in Pakistan are:

  1. :
  10. is where you get whatever you need: from men’s and women’s latest wears to the best cosmetic brands in Pakistan, we offer you high quality products with exciting offers and unlimited discounts. This online store is packed with all the features and products you need at an online shopping platform. The web-store offers its customers with plenty of categories and sub-categories to explore and order from. Launching with thousands of products in the categories including fashion, groceries, home décor, lifestyle, sports, electronics and much more. has the high quality Pakistani brands on board that ensure the best products with top-notch features. You can get all of these products online at reasonable prices.

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