COVID-19 and Technology Creating New Opportunities

Written by Shaheryar Hasan

In the current situation of the world, the whole world is facing with novel corona virus. People all across the globe are affected. It includes business sectors, daily wagers and also those who owns their small businesses. Unfortunately, people across the globe facing unemployment and this factor causes lower growth rate and economy of a country. However, due to this scenario, Covid-19 creating new opportunities which need to be explored. As an IT student, I recommend that now individuals, organizations and economies will have to consider switch to smart work technologies which are not efficient but also allow working from remote locations. Many industries including public sector and private sector are closed due to lockdown and spread of covid-19. To cope up with issues we should work smartly that means use of a technology. Many people use zoom meetings, Google meet and MS Teams for their work .`

Work From Home and Cyber Security:

Work From Home is the major change in our lives. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies like Zoom, Skype, MS Team and Google Hangouts etc. it is no more necessary to stay at the office throughout the day. One can still be a productive employee by working at home or even during the move, by utilizing these technologies along with emails and texting Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Now organizations, especially corporate sector, are also realizing that their work force can still be productive while staying at home.

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Such technological advancement comes with cyber security threats especially when organizations and individuals are in the learning stage of how to use the technology, let alone knowing how to ensure security of their information and data. Therefore, It is extremely important for countries, economies, organizations and business systems that we should invest our time and resources on cyber security. Government departments, business sectors as well online educations are on its peak and it creates risk in my mind that cyber security should be develop and implemented all across the country.

Harvesting Using AI based Module:

Secondly and most important thing that in our farming areas there is an old systems of harvesting of crops manually or by daily wagers workers. As an IT student, I feel that with the help of electronics and mechanics an AI based smart harvesting machinery can be developed that will be monitored by a panel or dashboard and whole process should be performed by AI based modules.

Virtual Education Model

Most of the countries shut down their schools and universities to stop their children getting exposed to Corona virus infection. Initially everyone thought that this lockdown shall remain for a limited period of time (2-3 weeks), but as this contagious disease continues to spread, the shutting down of education institutions had to be extended. In this scenario, educational institutes needed to come up with a back up plan to continue their educational activities. Covid-19 creating new opportunities in the education sector as well. Therefore, from Montessori schools to universities like Oxford & Harvard, everyone switched from in-person classes to virtual education through online classes which are being conducted on online platforms like Google Classroom, Zoom or MS Team etc.

It is strange that just six (6) months ago, virtual education was not considered a full substitute to conventional education but now that seems to be the only option for months and years to come.  Though in the beginning, it was a challenge to switch to online technologies and adjust with this new environment, but now educational institutes (especially those offering short term courses) are realizing that it is actually a very cost-effective method. Therefore, not only institutes can reduce their cost but they can even pass on the benefit to the students making it more affordable for them.

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According to Harvard University, the decision is made to minimize the need to gather in large groups and spend prolonged time in close proximity.

Conclusions and Findings:

Conclusion of the blog is that due to covid-19 the world is moving towards technology and Covid-19 creating new opportunities for all of us but there are many challenges and issues regarding implementation of this we should better our cyber security issues and work smartly. This is written by an IT student who is passionate towards finding solutions to defeat Covid-19 by providing IT based solution.

Shaheryar Hasan

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