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Is COVID-19 an opportunity? AI is the solution for smart care and monitoring

Written by Shaheryar Hasan

As the whole world is going through pandemic of corona virus its destroying world economy day by day. While Covid-19 is posing challenges at one side, it is also raising many questions. Is Covid-19 an opportunity of some kind? Can artificial intelligence be used in the healthcare sector and how can artificial intelligence benefits hospitals? A simple answer is, AI has the capability to provide the solutions for smart care and monitoring.

In this era of pandemic smart work and technology should be use . Artificial Intelligence breaks all the barriers between humans and technology and covid’19 is an real example that this era wants  touch-free technology .The touch-free technology will help many people across the globe to fight against covid’19

Touch free technology includes:
1) By creating chatbots to reduce interaction physically
2) By creating robots that disinfect affected areas

In Pakistan, its impossible to monitor the population that are actually affected and spreading the virus among their social circle, family and friends .AI helps us by screening  germs of covid’19 in individual.

My Coronavirus Test Experience

By the help of Artificial intelligence smart gates can be developed because its very difficult to check temperature of each and every person with a single machine. The smart gate has an ability to screen hundreds of people with minimum time if someone detects with symptoms the smart band helps the government or health ministry to look after him or give him intensive care the smart bands helps to figure out actual affected persons in a society.

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan

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