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lavender benefits
Written by Zahid Malik

Lavender is worldwide known for its soothing scent and its serene color. Besides the plant being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes whenever we see its field, lavender also has some long lasting health and skincare benefits.

In this blog, many of the lavender benefits will be brought to light.

lavender benefits


It’s origin is most believed to be from Middle East, India and the Mediterranean Sea. The plant has a history of around 2,500 years. Lavender’s name comes from a Latin root word called “lavare” which means “to cleanse/wash”. Its earliest use was documented in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used lavender oil in the mummification process.

Afterwards, lavender got famous as a bath additive in countries like Rome, ancient Greece and Persia. According to the people living in these regions, lavender helped them purify their bodies and minds.

Nowadays, lavender is used in two forms abundantly: powder and oil. Lavender is a well-known essential oil that is famous for its versatile nature. The benefits can be medicinal, culinary or even therapeutic.

Lavender benefits are numerous including medicinal, therapeutic and practical uses.

MEDICINAL: Lavender oil is antiseptic, disinfectant and also anti-inflammatory in nature. Since ancient times, lavender has been used for treating hair fall, headaches and skin irritations. Also, its inhalation is proven to lower down the effects of anxiety and depression in people.

lavender medicinal benefits

THERAPEUTIC: Lavender oil is said to treat migraines, motion sickness and headaches. Applying on the temples, the results are instantly soothing. With lavender oil’s use you can also treat insomnia and sleep well at night. Cell regeneration is also possible with enough and proper lavender application.

PRACTICAL: Lavender flowers in dried form are commonly used as a room fragrance. Dried lavender leaves are put in in cloth pouches and can be placed in closets, drawers and clothes.

lavender culinary benefits

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