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Tips to Save Fuel in Daily Life

If you are being squeezed between rising fuel prices and a fixed income, there are steps that you can take other than stop using your car to get better fuel mileage. Below are tips to save fuel in daily life:

1. Periodic engine tune up

Make sure that your car’s engine is properly tuned up i.e. the spark plugs are cleaned or replaced as required, the engine timing  and valve clearances are checked and adjusted at regular intervals (as mentioned in the car owners manual). This is one of the most important points out of all the tips to save fuel in daily life. Doing this will help getting better combustion.

2.Check wheel alignment & balancing

Check the wheel alignment. You can tell the wheels are not in alignment if you hear a squealing sound whenever making a turn. Another sign is that the wear on the tyres is uneven. Uneven wear on the tyres will cause premature failure and maybe an accident. This is also one of the important tips to save fuel.

3. Tyre pressure

You can increase the tyre pressure by 2 or 3 psi over what is recommended for your car. The ride would be slightly bumpier but the fuel saving would be worth it.

4. Keep Calm at traffic signal

If you see that the light at the traffic signal has turned red, remove your foot from the accelerator to save on fuel rather than braking at the last minute.

5. Use quality engine oil

Use good quality, multi viscosity engine oil. This would help reduce friction in the engine and will not only save on fuel but will make engine life longer.

6. Clean air filters regularly

Clean the air filter at regular intervals and replace when required. A dirty air filter will cause more fuel to be used. This can be easily avoided at no cost as almost all fuel stations has oil changing facilities where you can get your filters cleaned up for free.

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7. Don’t speed and drive smoothly

The best mileage you get is when you car is running at 90 kilometers an hour i.e. 4th and 5th gears. Build your speed gradually and instead of racing off from the signal, try steadily building your speed.

8. Avoid rush hours and jammed roads

You get very poor mileage when driving in the 1st and 2nd gears. So if you had to go from Saddar, Rawalpindi to Blue Area Islamabad, it would be advisable to go via the Expressway rather than take Murree Road. During rush hours, traffic is usually jammed so lot of time and fuel wasted so wherever possible, try to select non-rush hours for a convenient ride.

9. Turn off engine when idling for longer time

Turn off the engine if you are stuck in the traffic jam with zero movement. Even at idle position if engine is on, fuel is still being used, at a rate higher than you would expect. However, if you are at start-stop scenario, then no need to switch off the engine.


10. Security check posts

Last but not least, pray that all those check posts (where hardly any checking is done) are removed. These are bad for your fuel mileage, your car’s clutch, your time and temper.

If you follow the above tips to save fuel in daily life, you will save on fuel as well save the environment. If you feel it would be difficult to remember all these points, here is another easy tip to consider:

The MAP method is an easy and best way to get yourself started.

M is for maintenance: maintain your car properly and regularly.

A is for action: driving calmly and smoothy.

P is for product: use high quality oils, fuel and filters.

Syed Hussein El-Edroos

The Author is a freelance writer and his contributions are regularly appearing in major national newspapers as well as other social media platforms.

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