Video Call on WhatsApp Web coming soon!

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Pre-pandemic the whole focus of tech companies was to improve video communication experience of personal mobile users and many competitive options were there in the market like Facetime, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat etc. Suddenly in pandemic everyone realized that businesses need these solutions more than individuals as they were facing the challenge to survive so needed to adopt remote working strategies.

Video Conferencing Services

A desktop base video call solution “SKYPE” was present in the market even a decade ago but somehow Microsoft lost its direction and failed to capitalize on its strength. Therefore, when pandemic hit, the only option readily available for video calling in the market was ZOOM who took the maximum advantage. Not only it started being used for official meetings but schooling and family socializing needs were also met by this. As a result, ZOOM achieved a kind of growth that all technology companies dream about and their market valuation crossed $100 billion figure.

connecting various office in different regions through video conferencing facility

Who is leader in Mobile Messaging Services?

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp has been maintaining its top position in mobile messaging App market. In mid-February 2020, WhatsApp revealed that now more than 2.0 billion active users are using their App every day. In January 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web to facilitate extensive desktop users and business services to use WhatsApp on their computers. This is basically a mirror service which syncs all the messages from phone.

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Problems with WhatsApp Web??

The biggest problem with WhatsApp web are as follows:

  1. Unlike Zoom, you need to have a WhatsApp number configured on your phone so this service can not be used on web right away.
  2. Your phone needs to be connected with internet all the time as only then all messages will be synced.
  3. This is only message service and video calls can not be made from desktop/web version. Currently it is only possible from the mobile version App.

Is video call option on WhatsApp Web coming soon?

After seeing that all social media apps are offering desktop audio and video calls, Facebook is also gearing up to start offering these options to its largest user base. According to news, video Call option on WhatsApp Web coming soon. WhatsApp web will soon allow making group audio and video calls from PC (desktop/laptop). The expected video conferencing solution from WhatsApp will be widely used by businesses, students and families. It will be more convenient since they will not have to use a different App for this purpose.

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If sources are to be believed, a beta version is already in testing phase and official announcement will be made as soon as full testing is completed and product is ready for launch. After 4G and 5G, video calling is becoming a norm in recent times so addition of these options will help WhatsApp maintain its market share.

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