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Written by Zahid Malik
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With the passage of the time, harassment and assault cases are increasing day by day. In order to travel or even work safely women need protection from potential abusers and harassers both in workplace and while travelling from public transit. No matter where you are, once you drop your guard, potential assaulter will get a chance to attack. Working women, especially being alone are more prone and vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse. The patriarchal standards of society would care the least about getting the abusers arrested and instead would point out the so called mistakes and flaws of women commit while travelling or even by just existing. In all this scenario, safety kit for women is a must need. Women being able to protect themselves from possible harassers can save many lives.


Following are the best products in order to have a perfect protection kit:

Pepper Gel/ Spray: When it comes to self-defense toolkit, pepper spray is the most famous product. It can be bought in various forms like traditional cylinder containers, in a pen form, in lipstick – shaped cylinders just to make its handling a bit more feasible for women. Pepper sprays best work spray right in the eyes of the potential abuser so you can buy more time to get help.

Stun Guns: Stun guns are another effective product in women’s self-defense toolkit. The electric shock can hold up to 950,000 volts that can induce extreme pain in the person to whom it is applied to. It is easy to carry and is non-lethal.


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Tactical Key chains and Pens: These type of key chains and pens are just like the regular ones in terms of carrying them around. Extremely easy to stab and hurt the harasser. It is better to keep on hitting the abuser until he passes out.

Unusual Body Language: Implicit body signals like uncomfortable gaze are signs that you need to maintain a distance. In case the harasser tends to proceed in questionable behavior, complain to the respective authorities right away.

Look for Verbal abuse and Manipulation: Abuse is not only physical but verbal too. Use of demeaning words, sexist slurs and cursing are clear cut signs of verbal abuse. It can also including gas lighting, a term used when the abuser manipulates that facts and makes the victim think as if it’s their fault. One needs to be cautious from such people.

Collect evidence: This is surely quiet tricky to do but collecting enough evidence can make your case strong and the complaint will be processed at a faster pace.

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We hope for women the safest and peaceful living.

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